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Fire Extinguisher

  1. Portable Fire Extinguisher - Safety Data Sheet

    A Safety Data Sheet for a fire extinguisher provides detailed information on its chemical composition, potential hazards, safe handling practices, storage recommendations, emergency procedures, and first aid measures, ensuring safe use and compliance with health and safety regulations.

  2. Food Truck Fire Extinguisher

    A food truck is a large vehicle or trailer, equipped to storage, transport, cook, prepare, serve, and/or sell food. The food truck trend has blow up in Australia over the last 10 years, and many owners and newcomers to the food truck industry are unaware of the fire safety requirements. This article helps food truck manufacturers and owners comply with both fire extinguisher selection and fire extinguisher maintenance for food trucks.

  3. Fire Extinguisher

    A portable fire extinguisher is a first response life safety device that helps prevent or even stop the spread of a small fire. There are six main types of fire extinguisher with the most common being a Dry Power. The others are water, foam, carbon dioxide, wet chemical and vaporising liquid.

  4. Portable & Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Service

    Portable & Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Service is an essential service that ensures your fire extinguishers are in good working condition and ready to use in case of a fire emergency. This service covers the routine maintenance requirements of fire extinguishers in Australia, as specified in the Australian Standard AS1851:2012.

  5. Can I refill my fire extinguisher?

    In most circumstances, a portable fire extinguisher may be refilled however the time and motion costs to undertake the activity may not be worth th exercise. This particularly relates to small capacity portable fire extinguishers, i.e. those at 4.5kg capacity or less, but environmental factors may outway the cost.

  6. Best Fire Extinguisher for Home in Australia

    Selecting the best fire extinguisher for home must be made based on the size of the property, and the type and amount of fuel available. In most cases, a multi-purpose fire extinguisher in combination with a fire blanket is the best option.

  7. Does an Air-Water have a Schrader Valve?

    A schrader valve is a type of universal one-way pneumatic valve that is used for all types of car, truck, motorcycle and some bicycles to inflate the vehicle tires. Most modern air-water portable fire extinguishers and air-foam fire extinguishers include a schrader valve in the next of the valve assembly to pressurise the fire extinguisher with compressed air or other inert gas.

  8. Farm Fire Safety

    Fire safety for a farm can be broken into four categories; (1) Portable Fire Fighting Equipment; (2) Water Supply & Pumps (4) Fire Hoses & Fire Hose Reels and (3) Fixed Fire Fighting Systems. In this article we cover all four options available to farmers and some of the products available to help stop fires on farms.

  9. Fire Fighting Equipment for Vessels (Boats)

    A vessel is the generic term that describes a range of seagoing watercraft such as; ship, boat, tug, yacht, runabout, etc for the transport of people or goods on water. Legislation exists across Australia that provides for fire fighting equipment such as portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets on board vessels.

  10. Portable Fire Extinguisher Signs

    According to Australian Standard AS 2444 covers the selection and location of portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets in buildings, vehicles and small watercraft. The Standard also covers the requirements for location signage for portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets.