1. What is a fire sprinkler head shield or baffle plate?

    A fire sprinkler head shield or baffle plate ("baffle") is a device (typically made of sheet metal) that is used to prevent the first operating sprinkler from wetting (and cooling) the lower or adjacent fire sprinkler heads.

    Russ Porteous
    Jan, 2021
  2. 7 advantages of flowcharts that help solve BIG business problems

    During the CoVID-19 pandemic, the Victorian state government began producing a huge volume of information for the community and business. The information while useful seems to be a shotgun approach instead of being laser focused. This leads to gaps that cause confusion and may place the community at risk.

    Russ Porteous
    Aug, 2020
  3. Using coloured silicone wristbands help team and social distancing for COVID-19

    At Firewize we identified the risk from COVID-19 early and in line with our infection prevention and control policy we have constantly sought the best way to protect our team from infection and furthering the spread of infection to others. Our latest move has been to allocate coloured silicone wristbands of different colours to all of our team to promote team distancing to the next level.

    Russ Porteous
    Jul, 2020
  4. Equipment is not permitted within a fire control centre

    The requirements for a Fire Control Centre or Fire Control Room are set out in Specification E1.8 of Volume One of the National Construction Code. In this article we consider what equipment is NOT permitted within a fire control centre.

    Russ Porteous
    May, 2020
  5. Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Fire Safety!

    Since mid February 2020, we have been thinking and planning our response (should it be necessary) in respect to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. On this web page, we will be providing our stakeholders updated on everything related to the pandemic. So here are a few resources for you to get started.

    Russ Porteous
    Mar, 2020
  6. Landmark PFAS contamination class action

    Perfluorinated Alkylated Substances also referred to as ("PFAS") are synthetic (man-made) chemical compounds used in industry since the 1950's. In Australia, PFAS have been used for a long time in consumer products and industrial applications and there are now PFAS contaminated sites resulting from these various uses, including from the use of some types of firefighting foam concentrate.

    Russ Porteous
    Oct, 2019
  7. Buildings risk fire safety by going cheap!

    Cost -saving priorities by owners' corporations often compromised safety maintenance. The priority is usually in respect of maintenance, how can we get it done cheaper and who is the cheaper maintenance provider? ~ Commander Mark Carter, Melbourne Fire Brigade.

    Russ Porteous
    Sep, 2019
  8. Victoria: Occupancy Permit - Is yours correct?

    In Victoria, an occupancy permits are documents that signify that a building surveyor is satisfied and has approved your building as being suitable for occupation. This article discussed the features of an Occupancy Permit and common mistakes in them that can adversely affect building owners.

    Russ Porteous
    Jul, 2019
  9. Fire safety in Australian homes

    According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics: Australian Social Trends 2000 "in 1998, 123 people died from accidental fire or flame injuries. Of these, 70 occurred in a home fire. While total deaths from fire fell by 47% from 1968 to 1998, deaths in private dwelling fires only dropped by 20%"

    Russ Porteous
    Feb, 2019
  10. Wire-free fire detection systems a reality?

    Learn more about wire fire detection & alarm systems.

    Russ Porteous
    Feb, 2019