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Portable & Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Service

Portable & Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Service is an essential service that ensures your fire extinguishers are in good working condition and ready to use in case of a fire emergency. This service covers the routine maintenance requirements of fire extinguishers in Australia, as specified in the Australian Standard AS1851:2012.

CEO, Firewize
Fire Extinguisher Service

Australian Standard AS1851:2012 outlines the routine servicing requirements fire protection systems and equipment, including portable and wheeled fire extinguishers.

The Standard specifies the frequencies (intervals) at which fire extinguishers should be inspected and maintained, as well as the procedures to be followed during the inspection and maintenance process.

The routine servicing of portable & wheeled fire extinguishers offered by Firewize includes a range of services to ensure that your fire extinguishers are in good working order, including visual inspections, pressure testing, refilling, and replacement of damaged or expired components.

Regular maintenance of fire extinguishers is important to ensure that they are effective when needed.

By adhering to the Australian Standard AS1851:2012, you can be assured that your fire extinguishers are being maintained to the highest standard, and that they will be ready to use keeping people and buildings safe from fire.

What we need to know to give you a firm quote for service!

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If you are looking for a quotation for your portable or wheeled fire extinguisher service, we need certain information to help us give you a quote.  In many cases this information may be readily available to you and includes the following three pieces of information;

  • the quantity of each type and capacity of fire extinguisher;
  • the make and model of each type of fire extinguisher;
  • the date of manufacture of the fire extinguisher;
  • the purpose or use of each fire extinguisher (optionally very helpful).

We can work with even less information (just the quantity of fire extinguishers you have), however we may not be in a position to provide you a full quotation.

Based on this information we are very likely able to provide you a quotation for your routine (six-monthly or yearly) service.

Where an extinguisher requires to be discharged and refilled (water extinguishers with additives, such as a corrosion inhibitor) we can provide you a quotation, only if we know how many of this type of fire extinguisher type you may have.

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