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Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems & Equipment

Across Australia the routine servicing of fire protection systems and equipment is a statutory obligation. This means that building owners and occupiers are required to ensure that the fire safety or essential safety measures in their buildings are working and free from critical defects.

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Undertaken correctly the maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment requires an extensive knowledge of the 13 categories of essential safety measures and 56 subcategories.

There are many people and companies that may be able to deliver a couple of these services correctly however there are very few who have the skills, knowledge, experience and systems to deliver most of these services to ensure compliance.

  1. Building Fire Integrity
  2. Means of Egress
  3. Fire Fighting Services & Equipment
  4. Lighting
  5. Signs
  6. Automatic Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
  7. Occupant Warning Systems
  8. Air Handling Systems
  9. Mechanical Ventilation
  10. Lifts
  11. Standby Power Systems
  12. Building Clearance & Fire Appliances
  13. Building Use & Application

Trusting your fire safety to an individual or company who may not have the skills, knowledge, experience and systems to conduct the routine servicing is placing the occupants of the building at risk from fire. A risk building owners, occupiers and facility managers cannot afford to take.

At Firewize we help discerning building owners and managers maintain fire systems & equipment to save people & buildings from fire for over 20 years.

Our experienced team includes industry professionals who provide survey, design, installation, commissioning, inspection, testing and maintenance of fire and essential safety measures.

To achieve the safe consistent results necessary to help building owners meet their compliance obligations, we have invested heavily in carefully prepared systems, checklists, great people and training.

We often create content on the fire protection industry which is in response to questions that arise from our own team or are answers to our customers questions.