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Latest News

You’ve probably know that Firewize provides design, installation and maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment, but you may not know know that we also publish a massive amount of content and news articles regarding fire safety that are viewed around the globe. Firewize team members research and write blog articles about fire safety that they find interesting. These articles also provide insight into emerging trends, product reviews and general interest.

We love educating our team, customers and the public. You may be visiting Firewize for the first time or you may be a one of our loyal returning visitors. Either way... Welcome!

We regularly create new content about the fire protection industry here in Australia that answers questions and problems that we observe. Much of our content has a distinctly Australian perspective but sometimes we create content that has a global appeal.

The content on this page is a chronological list of content recently published on the Firewize website.

Our content algorithm is always changing and evolving and as such our Most Popular Articles page is a reflection of content you are searching for and reading. (Interestingly we use a combination of content popularity, read time and other metrics to update this page and content list in real time.

If there is an article you would like us to research and write about, we are open to suggestions. Just drop us a quick message and we will review your request and if it passes the 'interesting stuff' test we will do the research for you and write an article. Sometimes we even go so far is to record a video if we really think the idea is better explained in video.

We hope you love our content, feel free to let us know by giving us a Google review!