Best Fire Extinguisher for Home

Selecting the best fire extinguisher for home must be made based on the size of the property, and the type and amount of fuel available. In most cases, a multi-purpose fire extinguisher in combination with a fire blanket is the best option.

All Fire Extinguisher Types - Carbon Dioxide, Dry Chemical Powder, Wet Chemical, Air-Water, Air-Foam

Fires are classified according to the type of fuel present and if live electrical equipment is nearby. The classification of a fire is important, as it influences the selection and use of the correct extinguisher required to extinguish a fire. The six classes of fire are:

  • Class A - Combustibles, paper, wood, cloth, plastic, etc.
  • Class B - Flammable and combustible liquids
  • Class C - Flammable gases
  • Class D - Combustible metals
  • Class E - Electrically energised equipment
  • Class F - Cooking oils and fats

Choosing the Best Fire Extringuisher for Home

Firewize provides a premium range of high performance portable fire extinguishers and blankets (below) that have been carefully selected to cover most homes.

The fuel found around a home typically involves combustibles materials (Class A) such as paper, wood, cloth, plastics, etc as well as small quantities of flammable and combustible liquids (Class B) such as solvents and small engine fuel, stored in containers of up to 5 litres and live electrical equipment (Class E).

For this reason, a multi-purpose fire extinguisher with a performance rating of between 2A:20B:E (1.0Kg) and 4A:40B:E (2.5Kg), along with a fire blanket for home use is ideal.

Rating: 2A:20B:E
This multipurpose AB(E) class Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguisher has an industry leading performance rating of 2A:20B:E - Ideally suited for small self-contained units or flats.
Rating: 2A:30B:E
With a size to performance rating that is second to none, this Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher as a industry leading performance rating of 2A:20B:E - Ideally suited for the standard size family home.
Rating: 4A:40B:E
The most popular fire extinguisher used in large homes and home workshops this 4A:40B:E multi-purpose dry powder fire extinguisher includes a hose, vehicle or wall mounting bracket is easy to handle and use
Size: 1.2m x 1.8m
Fire Blanket
A fire blanket is a must-have item of fire safety for the home. The fire blanket is useful for kitchen and stove-top fires that a multi-purpose fire extinguisher may not be compatible.