Russ Porteous - CEO, Firewize

Russ is the CEO of Firewize with over 30 years of broad industry experience Russ is sought after for his technical abilities, on subjects including fire safety, reducing false alarms and the built environment.

Title: CEO, Firewize
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Professional Summary

Russ Porteous is the founder and CEO of Firewize an innovative fire safety design, installation and maintenance consultancy located in Melbourne, Australia.  With over 30 years of broad industry experience and an avid geek Russ has successfully blended the two to grow and leverage his business investments to cover trade and building services, property investment, e-commerce, online learning and software development.

Capitalizing on his knowledge and understanding of technology, Russ has developed a customer lead generating pipeline that operates without him, generating hundreds of qualified leads per (mostly based on work he did over 9 years ago). Russ works with his wife of 25+ years and high-school sweetheart alongside his highly capable son who both help oversee their family business interests. In his spare time, Russ is found working with guys in his local community to help them find purpose and connection.

Experience & Recognition

In 2019, Russ was recognised for his 30+ years of industry experience by his peers within the fire protection industry, receiving the prestigious “Meritorious Service Award”.

FPA Australia, Meritorious Service Award 2018 - Russ Porteous
  • 2019+ Elected Director, Fire Protection Association Australia
  • 2018+ Member of Standards Australia Committee LG007, Emergency Escape Lighting in Buildings
  • 2017 - FPA Australia, Finalist - Fire Protection Project of the Year
  • 2009-2012 - Member of Standards Australia Committee FP001, Routine Servicing of Fire Protection Systems & Equipment
  • 2009-2012 Elected Director, Fire Protection Association Australia
  • 2006+ Founder of the Special Interest Group (SIG) for the maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment within Fire Protection Association Australia. This group later became the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC-001) for the maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment.
  • 2012 - Presenter at Fire Australia - Environmental Cost of Maintenance
  • 2010 - Presenter at the Real Estate Institute of Victoria - Legislative Requirements of Maintenance
  • 2010 - Presenter at the Aged Care Association - Essential Safety Measures Compliance in Healthcare Facilities
Latest Articles
  1. An Aspirating Smoke Detector ("ASD") is an electromechanical device and type of active smoke detection that draws air in through a network of pipes through a filter and into a sensing chamber to detect smoke. The smoke sensing chamber of an aspirating smoke detector is a nephelometer, a device that measures the reflection and refraction of particles (including smoke) in air from a light beam. The filter in an aspirating smoke detector removes large airborne particles leaving smoke and smaller particles to enter the smoke sensing chamber.
  2. Mercury is a toxic silvery-white liquid metal (at room temperature) that may be found in old fire safety systems and equipment as well as some types of lamps such as fluorescent lights.  Mercury is a significant toxic pollutant that can lead to mercury poisoning. The safe handling and disposal of mercury and products containing even trace amounts of mercury is critical to health, safety and protecting the environment.
  3. The Ampac FireFinder has been with us as one of Australia's most popular fire panels for over 20 years. The earliest verifiable reference I could find was the ActivFire Certificate of Conformity AFP-1160 going back to October 1998. As with all good things, Halma the owners of Ampac Technologies has advised that the FireFinder range of panels will be made obsolete, with last orders being received on November 1, 2021.
  4. Australian Standard AS 2419.1 covers the System design, installation and commissioning of fire hydrant installations. A new edition of this Standard published on September 3, 2021 with a raft of changes to in response to industry feedback and community consultation.
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