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Looking for a career in the fire industry. This page is you starting point with Firewize. Here you will find more information about out company, aw well as links to Open Jobs, Opportunities for Interns, Graduates & Apprenticeships, Getting Started in the the Fire Industry and people (stellar performers) who have something to offer but don't know where to start!

Trust, teamwork and integrity at Firewize is the essence of our business. We are driven by doing consistently good work for building owners who really care about the fire safety systems and equipment in their properties. We are very particular about the people we employ because our customers are equally particular!

You might be currently looking for a new career in the fire industry or just getting started, either way, we may have an opportunity or pathway for you. Before you go any further, it's best that you know a little about us, and what we do!

Firewize helps discerning building owners, providing reliable and innovative fire protection maintenance that improves safety for occupants and promotes the reliability of the buildings fire protection systems and equipment.

We are very particular about the people we employ because our customers are equally particular!

We are a values based team, our inspiration comes from a variety of areas such as Netflix. Our values have been written to help lift the burden from the people we work with and the customers we serve!

Where to from here?

We have four options for people who have landed on our careers page, and if your the right person, we will have an option for you.

Open Jobs

Look through our open jobs.  We are always looking for great talent so check in regularly to see what is available.

Interns, Graduates & Apprenticeships

Have you just finished year 12 or a pre-apprenticeship? Are you studying a degree in engineering?  Then check out our list of opportunities available now.

New to the Fire Industry

If you know nothing about the fire protection industry and are currently looking for general advice about a career in the fire protection industry, then check out this handy resource.


Do you work for yourself or want to work for yourself? We may have an opportunity for you.  Tell us a bit more about yourself!

Why work with us?

Firewize Values

One of the things we have learned is that everyone comes to Firewize with their own culture, beliefs, experience, knowledge and paradigms — let's call these 'traits'. These traits bring diversity and diversity enables us to see the world differently and explore new horizons.

We look for the best in each member of our team, and with diversity comes opportunity.

  • We are driven by our purpose, which is clear and impactful.
  • Our decisions and actions are based on well understood values.
  • We empower our team to make great decisions and take action.
  • We lift people up, we seek and find the best in people and amplify their opportunities.
  • We encourage you to push what is difficult to achieve all that is possible.
  • We coach and train our team for exceptional performance.
  • We don't follow the crowd, we seek to understand and think outside the box. (We swim in a different ocean!).
  • We love what we do.
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