Smoke Detector vs Smoke Alarm

Depending where you are in the world, the terms smoke detector and smoke alarm have different meanings. Google Trends offers an interesting insight into what the public search for and illustrates the difference within various countries.

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Google Trends is a service provided by Google to where you can compare the world's interest in your favorite topics. Google Trends also shows how frequently your topics have appeared in Google News stories, and in which geographic regions people have searched for them most.

Google Trends works by analysing a portion of Google web searches to compute how many searches have been done for the terms you enter, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time. Then Google displays the search results as a graph plotted on a linear scale.

So your intrepid blogger decided to see what was more popular a Smoke Detector or a Smoke Alarm....

The results are interesting....

Google Trends Smoke Detector vs Smoke Alarm March 8, 2021

As you can see from this graph, generally a the term Smoke Detector is a more popular search phrase, with both terms fluctuating roughly in line with each other.

Of particular interest is the regional trends in the search terms, with the term Smoke Detector being overwhelmingly more popular in the United States, Canada and India. Alternatively in Australia and the United Kingdom the search term "Smoke Alarm is more popular.

Whats the difference between a Smoke Detector and a Smoke Alarm?

Generally, (in Australia) a Smoke Detector is a sensing device that is used in a commercial application. Smoke Detectors don't normally have an inbuilt sounder and are interconnected together via a collective or addressable loop configuration, back to a main control panel.

A Smoke Alarm however is a sensing device, often found in a residential application and is fitted with an alarm sounder. Some Smoke Alarms can be interconnected however they are most likely found as a stand alone device.

The starting price of a smoke detector is approximately $100.00 AUD where a smoke alarm can be found in a common hardware store starting from $7.00 AUD.

Both devices are manufactured to recognised Australian Standards such as AS7240.7 for Smoke Detectors and AS3786-1993 for Smoke Alarms.

For more information about Smoke Detectors and Smoke Alarms, please contact our sales team on 1300 30 88 22.

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