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Essential Safety Measure

In Victoria, an Essential Safety Measure ("ESM") is a required feature of a building, structure or place of public entertainment that exists for the safety of persons. An essential safety measure may be a prescribed feature, one that has been defined by the relevant building surveyor ("RBS") or one that has been defined in legislation (past or current).

  1. Tenant & Landlord Obligations for Essential Safety Measures Maintenance

    In Victoria, the Retail Leases Amendment Act 2020 clarifies the entitlement of landlords to recover from tenants the costs of installation, repair and maintenance of essential safety measures (ESMs).

  2. What is Building Fire Integrity?

    Building Fire Integrity is a term used in the Building Code of Australia (“BCA”) and in some jurisdictions to describe a range of 12 safety measures or features of building or structure that promote the integrity or compartmentation of a building when subjected to fire.

  3. What is an Essential Safety Measure?

    In Victoria, an Essential Safety Measure ("ESM") is defined in Regulation 214 of the Building Regulations (Vic) 2018. In general, an Essential Safety Measure is provided for the safety of persons in the event of fire.

  4. What are the requirements for the discharge from a required exit?

    Two type of required exits are defined in the National Construction Code ("NCC"). This includes a "exits" and "fire rated exits". This articles describes

  5. Building Regulations (Vic) 2018 - Part 15

    According to the Victorian Building Authority ("VBA") the objectives of the Building Act 1993 is to (1) protect the safety and health of people who use buildings and places of public entertainment; and (2) improve the amenity of buildings. This includes TWO principal subordinate regulations; Building Regulations 2018; and Plumbing Regulations 2018.

  6. What is a Maintenance Schedule? (Victoria)

    The Building Regulations (Vic) 2018 sets out the requirements for the owner of a building or place of public entertainment to prepare a maintenance schedule. A maintenance schedule is a document, in a form approved by the Victorian Building Authority ("VBA") prepared by the municipal building surveyor ("MBS") or a private building surveyor ("PBS") that details the required essential safety measures in a building (Regulation 222) and their respective maintenance requirements.

  7. Maintaining Essential Safety Measures

    When the construction of a building is complete, the building owner is responsible for its upkeep and maintenance, particularly its safety features or essential safety measures.