1. Victorian Building Owners - Display your Occupancy Permit

    If your the owner of a building, place of public entertainment, health care building or aged care facility in Victoria you most likely are required to display a copy of your Occupancy Permit and kept displayed at an approved location.

    Mar, 2022
  2. Aspirating Smoke Detector Filters

    An Aspirating Smoke Detector ("ASD") is an electromechanical device and type of active smoke detection that draws air in through a network of pipes through a filter and into a sensing chamber to detect smoke. The smoke sensing chamber of an aspirating smoke detector is a nephelometer, a device that measures the reflection and refraction of particles (including smoke) in air from a light beam. The filter in an aspirating smoke detector removes large airborne particles leaving smoke and smaller particles to enter the smoke sensing chamber.

    Oct, 2021
  3. Mercury - Safe Handling & Disposal (Fire Safety)

    Mercury is a toxic silvery-white liquid metal (at room temperature) that may be found in old fire safety systems and equipment as well as some types of lamps such as fluorescent lights.  Mercury is a significant toxic pollutant that can lead to mercury poisoning. The safe handling and disposal of mercury and products containing even trace amounts of mercury is critical to health, safety and protecting the environment.

    Sep, 2021
  4. Fire System Battery Capacity Calculation

    Fire safety systems require a secondary power source (typically batteries) to ensure the operation of the system in the event of primary power (mains) failure. Over the decades, the requirements for battery capacity have evolved and changed in Australian Standard AS 1670.1, AS 1670.4, AS 2220.2 and AS2293.1.

    Jun, 2021
  5. Temporal T3 Evacuation Tones

    International Standard ISO 8201:2017 covers the requirements for an audible signal that is used alone and as a general evacuation signal for a building. ISO 8201:2017 defines the acoustic parameters of the audible emergency evacuation signal are defined being the temporal pattern and the required sound pressure level at all places within the intended reception area of the signal.

    Jun, 2021
  6. Standby (Fire Alarm) Battery Calculator

    A standby battery is an electrochemical device that provides reserve (backup) power for a primary power source such as consumer mains power for fire safety systems and equipment. Various Australian Standards require the adequate reserve power to enable the system or equipment to continue to operate for extended periods of time.

    Mar, 2021
  7. What is Building Fire Integrity?

    Building Fire Integrity is a term used in the Building Code of Australia (“BCA”) and in some jurisdictions to describe a range of 12 safety measures or features of building or structure that promote the integrity or compartmentation of a building when subjected to fire.

    Mar, 2021
  8. Why you should inspect your fire sprinkler heads in exhaust ducts!

    Fire sprinkler heads in kitchen hoods and exhaust ducts are required to be inspected every year for an excessive accumulation of grease or any other foreign matter. Checking these fire sprinkler heads is a task that is not regularly completed by inspectors let alone even knowing where these sprinkler heads are located in a building. In this article we will explain what are the requirements and how to identify sprinkler heads that need to be replaced.

    Feb, 2021
  9. Kitchen Hood & Duct Fire Sprinkler Systems

    Australian Standard AS2118.1 specifies the requirements for the design, installation and commissioning of automatic fire sprinkler systems in buildings, including areas around commercial type cooking equipment in kitchens and associated ventilation systems. Where the cooking equipment includes a deep fat fryer, there are other considerations that installers and maintainers MUST take into consideration.

    Feb, 2021
  10. Smoke Detector Contamination & Nuisance Alarms

    Over time, smoke detectors can accumulate airborne contamination such as dust, pollen, microscopic insects and other aerosols that can make the detector more sensitive to false alarms. Firewize provides a service for the fire industry that helps identify then replace these detectors before the cause a false alarm.

    Feb, 2021