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What is a Solenoid Valve?

A solenoid valve is an electromechanically operated valve. It is typically used within fire protection as part of a flow switch arrangement to test for the presence of water within an automatic fire sprinkler system.

CEO, Firewize
07 Aug, 2019
Solenoid Valve & Water Flow Switch

A Solenoid Valve is an electro-mechanical valve used within an automatic fire sprinkler system to initiate the flow of water for testing purposes.

In fire sprinkler systems, a solenoid valve requires power typically 24V D.C. and when energised (i.e. power is applied) the valve is opened, allowing the flow of water.

The flow of water can be then monitored using a water flow switch what activates a signal at the monitoring control panel.

The solenoid valve and flow switch together is called a flow switch arrangement.


The purpose of the flow switch arrangement is to enable a remote test of a water flow switch, that verifies the presence and flow of water through an automatic fire sprinkler system.

If a solenoid is tested and the flow switch fails to detect the flow of water, it may indicate that the water supply has been isolated or there is another problem within the system.