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  1. Fire Detection in Cool Rooms

    A cool room is an enclosure typically within a larger structure and is designed to maintain a temperature of generally between -18°C and +2°C. Cool rooms vary in size and as such the type of fire detection (AS1670.1) and fire sprinkler protection (AS2218.1) must adapt accordingly.

  2. Kitchen Hood & Duct Fire Sprinkler Systems

    Australian Standard AS2118.1 specifies the requirements for the design, installation and commissioning of automatic fire sprinkler systems in buildings, including areas around commercial type cooking equipment in kitchens and associated ventilation systems. Where the cooking equipment includes a deep fat fryer, there are other considerations that installers and maintainers MUST take into consideration.

  3. What is a fire sprinkler head shield or baffle plate?

    A fire sprinkler head shield or baffle plate ("baffle") is a device (typically made of sheet metal) that is used to prevent the first operating sprinkler from wetting (and cooling) the lower or adjacent fire sprinkler heads.

  4. Types of automatic fire sprinkler heads

    According to Australian Standard AS2118, there are an array of automatic fire sprinkler head types that are used for a wide variety of applications.

  5. Galvanic Corrosion (rust) in Automatic Fire Sprinkler & Hydrant Systems

    Corrosion (rust) is a common cause of failure in automatic fire sprinkler systems, fire hydrant systems, hose reel systems, pumps and tanks, causing leaks and in in some cases catastrophic failure. In this article we discuss some basic metallurgy that provides a background for the causes of corrosion, as well as some solutions to help slow the rate of corrosion.

  6. How does a automatic fire sprinkler head work?

    An automatic fire sprinkler system head is a valve, that when the temperature sensitive bulb reaches its predetermined fixed temperature, expands, breaks and then allows the free flow flow of water.

  7. Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

    A wet pipe automatic fire sprinkler system comprises a series of individual components including; Pipe, Stop Valve, Alarm Valve, Fire Sprinkler (head), Alarm Test Valve and Motorised Alarm Bell (Gong). These systems contain water under pressure that is released through the activation of a sprinkler head (a type of valve) to control or suppress the spread of fire.