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What is an accumulator tank used for?

An accumulator tank is a chamber that incorporates a pressurized internal air bladder. In fire safety, an accumulator tank is installed in the discharge side of a jacking pump to dampen water pressure 'spikes' that helps reduce pump cycling and prolong the life of the pump.

24 Litre Jacking Pump Accumulator Tank

On a fire hydrant, hose reel or sprinkler system, an accumulator tank is a chamber with an integrated bladder that forms part of the jacking pump arrangement to store a volume of pressurised air. The tank is connected to the pump outlet and serves several purposes:

  1. It acts as a buffer to smooth out the flow of liquid (water) from the pump, helping to eliminate pulsation and noise.
  2. It allows the pump to run at a constant speed rather than starting and stopping frequently to meet demand. This can help to reduce wear and tear on the pump and improve its overall efficiency.
  3. It can help prevent cavitation, a condition that can occur when the pump cannot maintain a sufficient flow of liquid. Cavitation can cause damage to the pump and reduce its efficiency.
  4. It can also serve as a liquid reservoir, providing a reserve of fluid that can be used to meet sudden increases in demand or compensate for leaks or other losses in the system.

Overall, an accumulator tank is an important component of a pump system, helping to ensure smooth, reliable operation and protecting the pump from damage or excessive wear.