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Water Spray Deluge Nozzle

Water Spray Deluge Nozzle

A water spray deluge nozzle, also known as deluge nozzle, is a specialised type of sprinkler head or nozzles used in fire protection systems. They are designed to rapidly discharge a large volume of water or fire suppressant over a wide area.

Unlike traditional fire sprinkler heads that operate individually upon heat activation, water spray deluge nozzles are connected to a common water supply line and remain open at all times. They do not incorporate a fusible element or bulb to detect heat but rely on a separate fire detection system, such as smoke or heat detectors, to trigger their activation.

When a fire is detected, the deluge valve controlling the water supply to the water spray deluge nozzles opens, enabling water to flow through all the connected nozzles simultaneously. This results in a continuous and extensive spray or flooding of water, rapidly saturating the protected area. Water spray deluge nozzles are specifically designed to produce a high-velocity spray or solid stream of water, depending on the specific design and intended application.

Water spray deluge nozzles find common usage in high-hazard areas where fast and efficient fire suppression is critical, such as chemical plants, power plants, aircraft hangars, or locations with flammable liquids. They provide swift cooling and complete coverage of the area to effectively control and extinguish fires. These nozzles are particularly suitable for protecting large open spaces or areas with heightened fire risks.


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