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Signal Red R13 (Colour)

Signal Red R13 (Colour)

Signal red is a hue of the colour red used within the fire protection industry and is defined (R13) by Australian Standard AS 2700 — Colour Standards for General Purposes. Approximations of signal red in various formats include the following;

  • hexadecimal code #ba302b is a shade of red;
  • RGB color model is 175, 49, 42 and is comprised of 68.62% red, 19.21% green and 16.47% blue;
  • Signal red has an approximate wavelength of 609.35 nm

Australian Standard AS2700: R13 SIGNAL RED in other color models;

AS 2700 Signal R13 Red
HEX 0xAF312A
RGB 175, 49, 42
CMY 0.3137, 0.8078, 0.8353
CMYK 0.0000, 0.7200, 0.7600, 0.3137
HSL 3.1579, 61.2903, 42.5490
HSV 3.1579, 76.0000, 68.6275
XYZ 19.1954, 11.4778, 3.3942
YXY 11.4778, 0.5635, 0.3369
CIELAB 40.3738, 50.3622, 34.2519
CIELCH 40.3738, 60.9060, 34.2201



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