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Individually Constructed Vehicle ("ICV")

Individually Constructed Vehicle ("ICV")

According to Vehicle Standards Bulletin 14 of the National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification, an Individually Constructed Vehicle ("ICV") is a unique or bespoke one-off type vehicle built to an individual plan or design constructed to the builder’s own unique design, that may also include motorhomes, kit cars and certain replicas of production vehicles.

An Individually Constructed Vehicle is not a production vehicle or a modified production vehicle, and must not have been derived or built from structural components such as the floor pan or chassis from a recognised production vehicle which contains or did contain a vehicle identifier. An ICV is considered to be a new vehicle even if some of the components used in its construction may have been derived from one or more recognised production vehicles.

An ICV must be first registered by the individual who built it for their personal use only.

Clause 5.10 of Section LH of Vehicle Standards Bulletin 14 specifies that at least one fully charged and maintained fire extinguisher equipped with a hose must be installed in each vehicle. The bulletin also states that the fire extinguisher must be manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 1850:2009 - Portable fire extinguishers - Classification, rating and performance testing and have a "B-Class" performance rating of at least 5B.


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