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Film-Forming Fluoroprotein ("FFFP")

Film-Forming Fluoroprotein ("FFFP")

Film-Forming Fluoroprotein or ("FFFP") is a specialised foam concentrate used for Class B fire suppression applications. It is a foam formulation that combines the properties of both aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) and protein foam. FFFP contains a blend of hydrocarbon-surfactants, fluorochemicals, and protein additives.

This unique combination allows FFFP to create a durable foam blanket that adheres to surfaces, forming a cohesive barrier against fire. FFFP is primarily used to combat fires involving flammable liquids, such as petroleum, diesel, and jet fuels.

When FFFP concentrate is mixed with water, it forms a foam solution that can be deployed using various fire suppression systems, including foam generators, monitors, and handlines. The foam's ability to spread rapidly and form a stable, long-lasting blanket helps to smother the flames, seal off fuel sources, and suppress vapors, preventing reignition.


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