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Audible Alarm Device ("AAD")

Audible Alarm Device ("AAD")
Audible Warning Device + Strobe

An audible alarm device is an electrical or electro-mechanical device that emits an audible warning signal that can be heard by humans in the event of an alarm signal.

Australian Standard AS / ISO 7240.3 - specifies the requirements, test methods and performance criteria for audible alarm devices intended to signal an audible warning of fire between a detection and alarm system and the occupants of a building. It is intended to cover only those devices which derive their operating power by means of a physical electrical connection to an external source such as a fire alarm system.

Australian Standard AS / ISO 7240-3:2010 is also intended to cover audible alarm devices capable of giving voice messages by the application of specific requirements, tests and performance criteria. It specifies fire alarm audible alarm devices for two types of application environment, type A for indoor use and type B for outdoor use.