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Victorian Building Authority ("VBA")

Victorian Building Authority ("VBA")

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) is a government agency in Victoria, Australia that regulates the building and plumbing industries. The VBA's mission is to "ensure the safety, quality and sustainability of Victoria's buildings and plumbing services." The VBA has a wide range of responsibilities, including:

  • Registering and disciplining building and plumbing practitioners
  • Issuing building permits
  • Monitoring compliance with building regulations
  • Investigating complaints about building and plumbing work
  • Taking enforcement action against non-compliant practitioners

The VBA is an important part of Victoria's building safety system. By regulating the building and plumbing industries, the VBA helps to ensure that buildings are safe, compliant and sustainable.

Here are some of the key services provided by the VBA:

  • Building practitioner registration: The VBA registers building practitioners, including builders, building surveyors, plumbers and electrical contractors. Registration ensures that practitioners have the necessary skills and experience to carry out building work safely and competently.
  • Building permit system: The VBA administers Victoria's building permit system. Building permits are required for most building work, and they help to ensure that work is carried out in accordance with building regulations.
  • Compliance monitoring: The VBA monitors compliance with building regulations. This includes inspecting buildings, investigating complaints and taking enforcement action against non-compliant practitioners.
  • Complaints handling: The VBA handles complaints about building and plumbing work. Complaints can be made by members of the public, building owners, practitioners and other stakeholders.
  • Enforcement: The VBA takes enforcement action against non-compliant practitioners. This may include issuing infringement notices, suspending or cancelling registrations, or taking legal action.

The VBA is committed to working with the building and plumbing industries to ensure that Victoria's buildings are safe, compliant and sustainable.


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