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Subsidiary Stop Valve

Subsidiary Stop Valve

A subsidiary stop valve, in the context of an automatic fire sprinkler system, refer to additional valves strategically placed throughout the system to control and isolate specific sections or zones. These valves serve as secondary control points that allow for localised shutdown or isolation of water flow within the sprinkler system.

Subsidiary stop valves are typically installed at various branching points, such as where the main supply line branches off into individual sections or where different zones of the sprinkler system diverge. Their purpose is to provide flexibility and control over water flow in case of maintenance, repair, or localised system shutdown requirements.

These valves contribute to the overall efficiency and convenience of managing an automatic fire sprinkler system. They provide an added layer of control, allowing for targeted maintenance or repair work without the need to shut down the entire system. Additionally, in the event of an incident or emergency in a specific area, subsidiary stop valves can be closed to isolate the affected zone and prevent water flow to that area, minimising potential damage or flooding.

Subsidiary stop valves are an integral part of the overall design and functionality of an automatic fire sprinkler system. Their strategic placement and ability to control localized water flow make them an essential component for effective maintenance, repair, and operational flexibility.


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