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Extinguishing Agent Handling License ("EAHL")

Extinguishing Agent Handling License ("EAHL")

In Australia, certain controls exist for scheduled fire extinguishing agents that are Ozone Depleting Substances ("ODS") and/or Synthetic Greenhouse Gases ("SGG"). These scheduled fire extinguishing agents are subject statutory requirements set out in legislation including;

These controls cover the manufacture, import, export, use and disposal of ozone depleting substances and synthetic greenhouse gases and products containing these gases.

An Extinguishing Agent Handling Licence ("EAHL") is a license set out in the legislation and held by a person (licensee) that allows the licensee to handle scheduled extinguishing agents while undertaking work permitted by the relevant licence.

The relevant legislation is periodically updated to implement Australian Government policy and to align with international expectations and obligations. Consultation with stakeholders is undertaken before any updates to the Ozone Acts and Regulations are presented to Parliament for consideration.


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