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Emergency Procedures Guide ("EPG")

Emergency Procedures Guide ("EPG")

An emergency procedure guide ("EPG"), in relation to dangerous goods or vehicle fire, is a guide outlining procedures to be taken in the event of an emergency involving the goods or in event of a fire on a road vehicle which is either:

  • in the form, or substantially in the form, of the emergency procedure guide for the goods or vehicle fire published by Standards Australia; or
  • in a form approved by the competent authority.

A typical emergency procedure guide contains the following outline of subjects;

  1. a description and likelihood of hazards;
  2. pre-emptive actions to be taken to mitigate the risks caused by transporting or handling the hazards;
  3. A inventory of dangerous goods;
  4. a protocol for notifying the relevant authorities and stakeholders in the event of an incident;
  5. appropriate personal protective equipment and other precautions for dealing with the dangerous goods;
  6. emergency contact details for relevant emergency services and the community;
  7. procedures for dealing with an emergency;
  8. training plan for workers;
  9. supporting documentation such as manifests and material safety data sheets.


In preparing this definition, we have drawn from various sources including Legislation, Codes, Standards and industry information, research and knowledge.  Like the english language, these definitions may subtly change from time to time. As such these definitions are provided solely on the basis that users will be responsible for making their own assessment of the definition and and are advised to verify all relevant representations, statements and information.