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Australasian Fire Authorities Council ("AFAC")

Australasian Fire Authorities Council ("AFAC")

The Australasian Fire Authorities Council ("AFAC") (was formed by the merger of was formed by the merging of the Australian Assembly of Fire Authorities ("AAFA") and the Australian Association of Rural Fire Authorities ("AARFA"). AFAC is a peak body that represents the collaborative interests of fire and emergency services. It serves fire authorities across Australia and New Zealand. AFAC National Council is represented by the head of each member agency. Elected by the AFAC Council, the Board of AFAC provides governance oversight to the effective management of the organisation. The Board meets bi-monthly and its directors hold office for two years.

AFAC supports the sector to create safer, more resilient communities by;

  • drive national consistency through collaboration, innovation and partnerships; and
  • deliver enhanced capability by developing doctrine and supporting operations.

The AFAC collaboration model encompasses 36 Groups comprising Technical Groups and Networks. AFAC members come together regularly to share knowledge, exchange insights, explore opportunities and create solutions that shape practice and guide the industry’s development.

The AFAC Collaboration Model aims to add value to AFAC Members, the fire and emergency services industry and ultimately enhance community safety.



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