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Absorbent Glass Mat (Battery) ("AGM")

Absorbent Glass Mat (Battery) ("AGM")

An Absorbent Glass Mat ("AGM") battery is an electrochemical (galvanic) cell and type of valve regulated lead–acid (VRLA) battery designed to generate an electrical current. An AGM battery is characterised by lead plates seperated by an electrolyte suspended in a woven fibreglass mat encased in a rigid inert (plastic) enclosure.

The plates in an AGM battery may be of any shape (flat, round, rolled, etc) depending on the required application. The fibers that compose the fibreglass mat are inert and not chemically affected by the electrolyte. The rigid plastic enclosure of an AGM battery is sealed, incorporating a pressure relief valve.

Depending on the manufacture and approval of an AGM battery, it may be utilised as an engine start battery and/or a standby battery.


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