Business Continuity Status

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Firewize publishes regular updates about the availability of our services via this business status dashboard.  Where there are changes in service availability it will be published on this page.

Business Continuity Planning
Status Service Comment Updated
Employee Vaccinations Firewize employees work on the front line of the CoVID-19 response. Our team understand that the advice from medical professionals is the best way to help prevent the spread and of the virus and to reduce the effect of infection is to get vaccinated.
As at this time, over 100% of our team have received their first dose and over 100% have received their second dose.
Routine Service During the CoVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented changes in the delivery of our essential fire safety maintenance services. Practically we have are following Government mandated precautions as well as providing disposable face masks or reusable face masks for all employees, and in certain circumstances fitted N95 face masks. We have also advised our team to limit all unnecessary face-to-face contact between team members. We are also instructing our team to minimise contact with our customers and the public, consistent with government requirements restrictions. Lastly we have also instructed our team to minimise exposure to the public and other workers in confined spaces such as lifts and small rooms. The greatest risk we have observed seems to be where workers are in close proximity to others in lifts, lift lobbies, etc. 19/10/2021
Emergency Repairs Due to the nature of our work, and consistent with our Employee Wellbeing and Business Continuity Plan and the Firewize CoVID-19 Safe Work Plan we have changed our business services to ensure we can respond to emergency repairs. This includes the use of all necessary Personal Protective Equipment ("PPE") that may be required. 11/8/2021
Minor Works Our minor works team carry out minor alterations and additions to fire safety systems and equipment. During a pandemic, we can carry out some critical minor works however we where possible, we are asking our customers to prioritise these activities to a later date. Small-scale construction will be limited to a maximum of five people onsite. Firewize will review each project with our customers to determine how these limitations will apply. 11/8/2021
Capital Projects

Existing capital works projects (building works) have had significant limitations placed on them. For major construction sites, that means the absolute minimum required for safety for the site to keep operating — but no more than 25 percent of the normal workforce onsite. A "HIGH RISK CoVIDSafe Work Plan" is also required for each large scale project.

Small-scale construction will be limited to a maximum of five people onsite. Firewize will review each project with our customers to determine how these limitations will apply.

Online Store The Firewize Online Store is open and subject to the ongoing availability of stock and transport we are shipping products as normal. Notwithstanding our shipping partners including Australia Post and Direct Freight have advised that there are currently extended delivery delays for standard shipping options due to state and territory border restrictions as well as exposure sites across the logistics network. 24/10/2021
Supply Chain Our vendors are currently advising us they remain open for orders however they are experiencing extended delays in the distribution of product due to the handling, transportation and self-isolation. Most manufacturers produce fire safety systems and equipment such as batteries, fire detectors, cable, fire sprinkler heads, pipe fittings and portable fire extinguishers are manufactured in locations such as China, Europe and the United States. This has (in the medium term) led to extended delays in the supply of some products. 11/8/2021
  1. Australia is experiencing delays and increased costs on freight & handling of goods within Australia and goods being imported into Australia. This will likely cause delays in procurement and increased costs.
  2. The cost of metals such as steel, tin, lead and copper are affecting the cost of products derived from these raw materials. This is impacting costs associated with electrical equipment including emergency warning systems, fire detection systems, automatic fire sprinkler systems, fire hydrant & hose reel systems, and portable fire extinguishers and batteries.
  3. There is a global shortage of capacity for the production of microprocessors and other electronic equipment. Some of our suppliers have advised there may be delays in the availability of some products including fire panels, printed circuit boards and other electronic components. We have been advised by one manufacture that due to this, they have ceased production one one of the product lines.
  4. Industrial instruments such as awards and enterprise agreements are subject to change commencing the Oct-Dec quarter. This is leading to an increase in some award conditions which is reflected in labour service items.
Last Updated: 27/3/2020
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