30 Minute, Fire Safety Webinars (#HotTopics)

You're on this page because you are interested in staying up to date on developments in property & facility management including important developments in federal or state regulatory reforms, changes to the Building Code and Australian Standards.

Hosted by Russ Porteous, Firewize CEO, we host a brief (30 minute to 1 hour) free monthly webinar that includes topical speakers and timely business issues related to the built environment including property management, facility management, and building fire safety.

We also cover important subjects such as developments and changes in legislation, Codes, Standards and answer your ad-hoc questions.

Our most popular content covers subjects including Australian Standard AS1851, Small Vehicle & Appliance Standby Batteries, Fire Fighting Foam Systems and a range of topics around home fire safety.

Our audience of over 2000 people join in live or on demand to ask questions and get immediate answers to common industry questions.

These complimentary webinars are one of the many ways we contribute back to the building and property services industry.

The beautiful thing about registering is that we simply send you an email about a week before the webinar with a a link with the details of each monthly webinar. You can opt-in to join the webinar (if it sound interesting) or do nothing, it's completely up to you (no strings attached).

And if absolutely hate the webinar, simply opt-out and we won't send you another email (you are in complete control).


4 Reasons why people join and ♥️ our webinars!


Our webinars follow a rule to be punchy and tight.  This format is designed to deliver amazing value with actionable content that can be applied with minimal support.

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We plan & choose content that is topical and includes subject matter experts as guest speakers to deliver amazing value at every webinar.

Great Value

Nothing is better than free, and these webinars deliver!  Every webinar is guaranteed to deliver exceptional value to every participant.

Your Platform

We stream our webinars to multiple platforms including Zoom, YouTube and Facebook Live, making it easy for participants to get access however they like.

What's coming up?

We are busy planning ahead and have already booked a range of topics. Check out this list to find out what's coming up.

😢 Sorry! We don't have any events forecast in the foreseeable future. Feel free to suggest a topic, and we will do our best to cover it. Otherwise reach out to us and have a chat (we don't bite). We have a lot of content such as video and guides already produced you may find useful.

Host: Russ Porteous

Russ Porteous

Russ Porteous is the CEO of Firewize and host of the Firewize Monthly Webinar Series.

With over 30 years of broad building services and fire industry experience Russ is sought after for his technical abilities in regard to the built environment, property and facility management, building automation, technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Russ can also deep on specific subjects where necessary including fire detection and alarm systems, emergency warning systems, automatic fire sprinkler systems, fire hydrant systems, portable and wheeled fire extinguishers and special hazard applications.

You can learn more about Russ online via LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/rporteous