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Visiting Firewize

If you are planning a visit to Firewize, you can use these instructions to help you navigate to Notting Hill and find our office efficiently.

Our office is located at;

Firewize Services Pty Ltd
Unit 5, 585 Blackburn Road
Notting Hill. VIC. 3168

We are very close to Monash University and Pinewood Shopping Village.

If your travelling to our office by car, you can choose one of the major arterial roads to get to Blackburn Road including the Monash Freeway, Dandenong Road or Wellington Road.

If your visiting using public transport, our closest train station is Syndal Station on the Glen Waverley Line.

Looking closely you can see that our office is located at the rear of the small industrial estate where we are located. Firewize is the last unit on the right hand side at the rear.Its about 300m from blackburn Road.

Firewize has a total of SIX car parking bays which are marked in orange on the picture. Four are grouped on the

Firewize Office Car Park


Located at the end of the small industrial estate, Firewize is the last building on the right hand side.

When you arrive there is an intercom on the right hand side of the door. The intercom has a red button on it, press the button and a speak to a member of our team.

Firewize Office


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