1. Mercury - Safe Handling & Disposal (Fire Safety)

    Mercury is a toxic silvery-white liquid metal (at room temperature) that may be found in old fire safety systems and equipment as well as some types of lamps such as fluorescent lights.  Mercury is a significant toxic pollutant that can lead to mercury poisoning. The safe handling and disposal of mercury and products containing even trace amounts of mercury is critical to health, safety and protecting the environment.

    Sep, 2021
  2. 7 advantages of flowcharts that help solve BIG business problems

    During the CoVID-19 pandemic, the Victorian state government began producing a huge volume of information for the community and business. The information while useful seems to be a shotgun approach instead of being laser focused. This leads to gaps that cause confusion and may place the community at risk.

    Aug, 2020
  3. Using coloured silicone wristbands help team and social distancing for COVID-19

    At Firewize we identified the risk from COVID-19 early and in line with our infection prevention and control policy we have constantly sought the best way to protect our team from infection and furthering the spread of infection to others. Our latest move has been to allocate coloured silicone wristbands of different colours to all of our team to promote team distancing to the next level.

    Jul, 2020
  4. Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Fire Safety!

    Since mid February 2020, we have been thinking and planning our response (should it be necessary) in respect to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. On this web page, we will be providing our stakeholders updated on everything related to the pandemic. So here are a few resources for you to get started.

    Mar, 2020
  5. Landmark PFAS contamination class action

    Perfluorinated Alkylated Substances also referred to as ("PFAS") are synthetic (man-made) chemical compounds used in industry since the 1950's. In Australia, PFAS have been used for a long time in consumer products and industrial applications and there are now PFAS contaminated sites resulting from these various uses, including from the use of some types of firefighting foam concentrate.

    Oct, 2019