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  1. When a Hydrostatic Pressure Test of Fire Hydrant Systems is not required

    Fire Rescue Victoria ("FRV") issues guidelines (GL-35) on conducting a hydrostatic test for new and existing fire hydrant systems, clarifying requirements for systems with and without brigade booster connections or pumps. This article provides a summary of GL-35 and the circumstances where a hydrostatic pressure test is not required.

  2. Victoria: Work not requiring a Building Permit

    In Victoria, certain work described in Schedule 3 of the Building Regulations (Vic) 2018 is exempt from a building permit and occupancy permit. In this article we look at the requirements of Schedule 3 and what work is exempted from a building permit.

  3. Understanding Your Building Occupancy Permit and Conditions of Occupation

    Unlock the secret to compliant building operations. Master the crucial Occupancy Permit requirements and grasp the Conditions of Occupation that set the standard for safety measures and maintenance in your building. Ignorance isn't an option.

  4. 7-Step Compliance Framework for Building Owners & Managers

    Unlock fire safety compliance mastery with this comprehensive guide, expertly designed for building owners and managers. Learn to navigate the seven crucial steps towards a safer, compliant property that keeps people safe from fire.

  5. Victoria Fire Safety

    Firewize Services Pty Ltd offers tailored fire protection solutions for commercial buildings across Victoria, ensuring safety and compliance while providing specific suport for building owners and managers across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

  6. VBA Supports Research to Improve Passive Fire Protection in Apartment Buildings

    The Victorian Building Authority, a statutory government body responsible for the application of building legislation in Victoria has backed research by Deakin University that reveals widespread passive fire protection defects in Victorian apartments, prompting calls for increased practitioner education, licensing, and improved construction practices to enhance building safety.

  7. Tenant & Landlord Obligations for Essential Safety Measures Maintenance

    In Victoria, the Retail Leases Amendment Act 2020 clarifies the entitlement of landlords to recover from tenants the costs of installation, repair and maintenance of essential safety measures (ESMs).

  8. Victorian Building Owners - Display your Occupancy Permit

    If your the owner of a building, place of public entertainment, health care building or aged care facility in Victoria you most likely are required to display a copy of your Occupancy Permit and kept displayed at an approved location.