Smoke Detector

  1. What is the best type of fire detector?

    No one type of detector is most suitable for all applications and the final choice of detector must depend on the individual circumstances. In certain situations it may be useful to combine different types of detectors (including multi-criteria detectors) to achieve the best results.

    Jun, 2021
  2. Smoke Detector vs Smoke Alarm

    Depending where you are in the world, the terms smoke detector and smoke alarm have different meanings. Google Trends offers an interesting insight into what the public search for and illustrates the difference within various countries.

    Mar, 2021
  3. Smoke Detector Contamination & Nuisance Alarms

    Over time, smoke detectors can accumulate airborne contamination such as dust, pollen, microscopic insects and other aerosols that can make the detector more sensitive to false alarms. Firewize provides a service for the fire industry that helps identify then replace these detectors before the cause a false alarm.

    Feb, 2021
  4. Contaminated (dirty) Smoke Detectors

    Dirty smoke detectors are one of the most common causes of nuisance (false) alarms. With regular inspection, testing and maintenance dirty smoke detectors can be easily identified and replaced, improving the reliability and safety of fire detection systems for building occupants.

    Nov, 2020
  5. Nuisance Alarms

    According to the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade a false alarm (nuisance alarm) is "A false alarm occurs when the MFB attends an incident to find there is no emergency and there is no need for their fire fighting skills or other expertise. Most automatic fire alarm systems are a legal requirement, or have been installed to provide fire safety, and it is essential they operate efficiently at all times."

    Aug, 2019
  6. Smoke Detectors

    The fourth instalment of the Principles of Fire Safety series looks at smoke, gas and flame detectors. Again, research and development has continued to improve well established detection technologies and provided an array of new technologies to improve fire detection while also being less susceptible to the causes of false alarms.

    Jul, 2019