1. What is an Essential Safety Measure?

    In Victoria, an Essential Safety Measure ("ESM") is defined in Regulation 214 of the Building Regulations (Vic) 2018. In general, an Essential Safety Measure is provided for the safety of persons in the event of fire.

    Russ Porteous
    Dec, 2020
  2. What is an Occupancy Permit?

    In Victoria a building or structure constructed on or after July 1, 1994 are required to be issued with an Occupancy Permit ("OP") from the Relevant Building Surveyor ("RBS") as evidence of safe and habitable occupation. When you come to the end of your building project the RBS will need to issue an Occupancy Permit or a Certificate of Final Inspection depending on the requirements of the building permit.

    Russ Porteous
    Nov, 2020
  3. Building Regulations (Vic) 2018 - Part 15

    According to the Victorian Building Authority ("VBA") the objectives of the Building Act 1993 is to (1) protect the safety and health of people who use buildings and places of public entertainment; and (2) improve the amenity of buildings. This includes TWO principal subordinate regulations; Building Regulations 2018; and Plumbing Regulations 2018.

    Russ Porteous
    Aug, 2020
  4. What is a Maintenance Schedule? (Victoria)

    The Building Regulations (Vic) 2018 sets out the requirements for the owner of a building or place of public entertainment to prepare a maintenance schedule. A maintenance schedule is a document, in a form approved by the Victorian Building Authority ("VBA") prepared by the municipal building surveyor ("MBS") or a private building surveyor ("PBS") that details the required essential safety measures in a building (Regulation 222) and their respective maintenance requirements.

    Russ Porteous
    Feb, 2020
  5. Victoria: Occupancy Permit - Is yours correct?

    In Victoria, an occupancy permits are documents that signify that a building surveyor is satisfied and has approved your building as being suitable for occupation. This article discussed the features of an Occupancy Permit and common mistakes in them that can adversely affect building owners.

    Russ Porteous
    Jul, 2019
  6. Penalties for Damage or Interference to a Fire Indicator Panel or other Apparatus

    On December 1, 2012, both the Country Fire Authority Act (Vic) 1958 and the Fire Rescue Victoria Act (Vic) 1958 were amended to include fines for people who damage or interfere with a Fire Indicator Panel or other Apparatus. The fines (measured in penalty units) are each 60 Penalty Units or approximately $9,900.00.

    Russ Porteous
    Nov, 2017
  7. Victoria - Building (Interim) Regulations 2005

    An essential safety measure defined under the Building Regulations 2006 include the following examples:

    Russ Porteous
    May, 2007
  8. Victoria Building Regulations 2006

    On June 6, 2006, the Minister for Planning, the Hon Rob Hulls published the Victoria Building Regulations 2006, statutory rule No. 68/2006.

    Russ Porteous
    May, 2006