Fire Hydrant System & Valves

  1. Major changes Australian Standard AS 2419.1:2019 - Fire Hydrant Installations

    Australian Standard AS 2419.1 covers the System design, installation and commissioning of fire hydrant installations. A new edition of this Standard published on September 3, 2021 with a raft of changes to in response to industry feedback and community consultation.

    Sep, 2021
  2. Fire Hydrant System Five-Yearly Service Schedule AS 1851:2012 (A1)

    Australian Standard AS1851:2012 sets out the routine service requirements for an fire hydrant system. The five-yearly service requirements include ten items that are required to be conducted. While the Standard prescribes these items, they are written in no particular order. This article describes these items and a suggested order they should be undertaken.

    Dec, 2020
  3. Galvanic Corrosion (rust) in Automatic Fire Sprinkler & Hydrant Systems

    Corrosion (rust) is a common cause of failure in automatic fire sprinkler systems, fire hydrant systems, hose reel systems, pumps and tanks, causing leaks and in in some cases catastrophic failure. In this article we discuss some basic metallurgy that provides a background for the causes of corrosion, as well as some solutions to help slow the rate of corrosion.

    Aug, 2020
  4. Fire Hydrant Systems

    In a building, a fire hydrant system is a safety measure or emergency equipment required in some buildings that comprises a series of components that when assembled together provide a source of water to assist fire authorities in a fire.

    Jul, 2019