Portable Fire Extinguisher Signs

According to Australian Standard AS 2444 covers the selection and location of portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets in buildings, vehicles and small watercraft. The Standard also covers the requirements for location signage for portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets.

CEO, Firewize
02 Jul, 2021
Fire Extinguisher Mounting Heights

Australian Standard AS 2444 covers the selection criteria and location of portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets including required location signs.

A portable fire extinguisher is required to be installed in a conspicuous and readily available position, away from  potential hazards that could hinder access and use of the extinguisher.

The Standard also recommends, where practicable a portable fire extinguisher should be located along the normal path of travel near exits.

The location of each portable fire extinguisher should be clearly indicated by the placement of a location sign and mounted such that the bottom of the sign is 2 meters above the floor immediately above the fire extinguisher or group of fire extinguishers, even if the extinguishers are of different types.

Portable fire extinguishers may also fitted with an identification sign. These signs are round and indicate the type of portable fire extinguisher as well as the typical types of application the fire extinguisher can be used as follows;

  • RED sign with white writing, air-water fire extinguisher
  • RED sign with black writing, carbon-dioxide fire extinguisher
  • RED/WHITE sign with white/red writing, dry-chemical powder fire extinguisher
  • BLUE sign with white writing, air-foam fire extinguisher
  • OATMEAL sign with black writing, wet chemical fire extinguisher

Portable Fire Extinguisher Identification Signs

Portable Fire Extinguisher Location Sign

AS 2444 also sets out the requirements for the design of a location sign with, including its colour being R13 signal red, as described in Australian Standard AS 2700 - Colour standards for general purposes.

The mounting height above the floor shall be 2000mm to the underside of the location sign to ensure they are distinctly visible to a person of average height and to ensure the fire extinguisher or fire extinguisher location sign is clearly visible from a distance of up to 20 meters in all directions of approach.

To satisfy these requirements, portable fire extinguisher signs are available in a number of sizes and materials including;

  • self adhesive vinyl
  • plastic
  • powder coated metal

In addition we also offer wall mounted fire extinguishers location signs and right angle bracket signs.

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