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Farm Fire Safety

Fire safety for a farm can be broken into four categories; (1) Portable Fire Fighting Equipment; (2) Water Supply & Pumps (4) Fire Hoses & Fire Hose Reels and (3) Fixed Fire Fighting Systems. In this article we cover all four options available to farmers and some of the products available to help stop fires on farms.

Fire Hose Reels

Fire Hose Reel AS2441

Growing up in a farming community (South Gippsland), we were always acutely aware of fire in the early spring, summer and early autumn months.

A fire hose reel is a quick response item of fire-fighting equipment and consists of a retractable hose on a reel or drum to supply water to the fire.

Farmers tell us that fire hose reels are a great fire safety device mounted on the perimeter of a machinery shed, dairy, hay shed, etc. In its normal state, a fire hose reel is instantly ready for use, simply by opening the hose nozzle.

A fire hose reel is a retractable 19mm hose wound on to a hose reel drum and permanently connected to a water supply capable of delivering 25 litres of water per minute.

Perfectly suited for Class A fires such as grass, trees or brush, a fire hose reel is ideally suited for fighting small fires around farm machinery shed, dairy, hay shed, etc.

A fire hose reel is used for a quick first attack response to a small to medium fire to protect farm equipment, machinery, sheds & hay stacks.

Generally fire hose reels are available in one of two lengths with options available with steel drum (indoor use) and an stainless steel drum (outdoor use).

  • 19mm x 36 meters
  • 19mm x 50 meters

In addition to being permanently mounted to the wall of a shed, you can also mount a fire hose reel on a skid that comprises a water storage tank coupled with a pump capable of delivering the required 25 litres per minute capacity.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher - Air-Water, Dry-Chemical, Carbon Dioxide

A portable fire extinguisher is a valuable asset to protect from fires on a farm. There are many situations where a portable fire extinguisher should be stored, ready for use in the event of a fire emergency.

On a farm, there are a number of areas or building types that selecting the correct type of portable fire extinguisher is important. These areas include;

  • Home & Home Garage
  • Farm Machinery Shed
  • Shearing Shed or Dairy
  • Haystack or Wood Shed

There are also different types of equipment for a farm or agricultural machinery that may also need a portable fire extinguisher such as;

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