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  1. Food Truck Fire Extinguisher

    A food truck is a large vehicle or trailer, equipped to storage, transport, cook, prepare, serve, and/or sell food. The food truck trend has blow up in Australia over the last 10 years, and many owners and newcomers to the food truck industry are unaware of the fire safety requirements. This article helps food truck manufacturers and owners comply with both fire extinguisher selection and fire extinguisher maintenance for food trucks.

  2. Fire Extinguisher

    A portable fire extinguisher is a first response life safety device that helps prevent or even stop the spread of a small fire. There are six main types of fire extinguisher with the most common being a Dry Power. The others are water, foam, carbon dioxide, wet chemical and vaporising liquid.

  3. Best Fire Extinguisher for Home in Australia

    Selecting the best fire extinguisher for home must be made based on the size of the property, and the type and amount of fuel available. In most cases, a multi-purpose fire extinguisher in combination with a fire blanket is the best option.

  4. QE20 Emergency Warning System - Announcement

    Fire Australia, 2022 – Melbourne: Johnson Controls displayed the QE20 the logical successor to their very popular QE90 Emergency Warning and Communication System. The QE20 is a comprehensive redesign of the QE90. Complying with Australian Standard AS 4428 Part 4 and Part 16, as well as AS7240 and includes a range of new features and innovation to promote the safe and orderly evacuation of a building in the event of a fire or other emergency.

  5. Farm Fire Safety

    Fire safety for a farm can be broken into four categories; (1) Portable Fire Fighting Equipment; (2) Water Supply & Pumps (4) Fire Hoses & Fire Hose Reels and (3) Fixed Fire Fighting Systems. In this article we cover all four options available to farmers and some of the products available to help stop fires on farms.

  6. Fire Fighting Equipment for Vessels (Boats)

    A vessel is the generic term that describes a range of seagoing watercraft such as; ship, boat, tug, yacht, runabout, etc for the transport of people or goods on water. Legislation exists across Australia that provides for fire fighting equipment such as portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets on board vessels.

  7. Best fire extinguisher for a Truck

    According to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code 2020 every road vehicle such as trucks transporting a placard load of dangerous goods must be equipped with at least one fire extinguisher and must be mounted securely by means of a quick-release attachment and located so as to be readily accessible for use.

  8. Best Car Fire Extinguisher

    There are no statutory (legal) requirements for a portable fire extinguisher in a family car (or work car) such as a sedan, hatchback, utility (ute). That said for a small investment you can install a fire extinguisher for emergency purposes in the vehicle such as within the passenger compartment or boot for easy access and use.

  9. Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher

    A dry chemical powder fire extinguisher is sometimes referred to as the universal fire extinguisher because of its Class A, Class B and Class E ratings. Our high performance dry chemical powder fire extinguisher are also rated for Class C rating.

  10. Best Fire Extinguisher for a Caravan or Campervan

    A caravan is a popular investment for Australian families to enable us to travel and explore our wide brown land. A caravan may be one of the most expensive a family purchases after their home and family car, so it stands to reason that a small investment in high quality fire safety comprising a portable fire extinguisher and a fire blanket is a great investment in life safety and asset protection.