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Fire Resistance Level ("FRL")

Fire Resistance Level ("FRL")

Australian Standard AS 1530.4 defines Fire Resistance Level ("FRL") by three measurements, measured in minutes as;

  • structural adequacy is the ability of a structure to maintain its stability and load bearing capacity during a fire;
  • integrity is the ability to resist the transfer of flames and hot gases from part to another; and
  • insulation is the ability to contain temperatures and stop heat transfer between zones.

FRL is denoted as in the form (Structural Adequacy / Integrity / Insulation) measured in minutes. 

For example a wall with a FRL of (90/90/90) has following attributes;

  • Structural Adequacy = 90 Minutes
  • Integrity = 90 Minutes
  • Insulation = 90 minutes

Many passive fire elements are described by their fire resistance level such as fire doors, fire pillows and the like.