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Scheduled substance

According to the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act 1989 (the Act), a "scheduled substance" means a substance referred to in Schedule 1 (of the Act), whether existing alone or in a mixture. The Schedule lists a range of scheduled substances including the following categories;

  • Part I, Division 1 -- Stage-1 CFCs
  • Part I, Division 2 -- Stage-2 CFCs
  • Part II -- Halons
  • Part III -- Carbon tetrachloride
  • Part IV -- Methyl chloroform
  • Part V -- HCFCs
  • Part VI -- HBFCs
  • Part VII -- Methyl bromide
  • Part VIII -- Bromochloromethane
  • Part IX -- HFCs
  • Part X -- PFCs
  • Part XI -- Sulfur hexafluoride
  • Part XII -- Nitrogen trifluoride


In preparing this definition, we have drawn from various sources including Legislation, Codes, Standards and industry information, research and knowledge.  Like the english language, these definitions may subtly change from time to time. As such these definitions are provided solely on the basis that users will be responsible for making their own assessment of the definition and and are advised to verify all relevant representations, statements and information.