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Major Hazard Facility ("MHF")

Major Hazard Facility ("MHF")

A Major Hazard Facility (MHFs) is an industrial site that stores, handles or processes large quantities of chemicals and/or dangerous goods. Examples include oil refineries, chemical manufacturing sites, gas-processing plants, LPG facilities, some warehouses and transport depots.

Health and Safety Regulations in each State and Territory contain specific duties for operators and employees of major hazard facilities in order to prevent major incidents that may lead to injury and death.

The legislation impose specific legal responsibilities on operators and employers for the safe management and operation of major hazard facilities and set rigorous requirements for operators of Major hazard facilities to ensure greater protection for:

  • workers at the facility
  • the surrounding community
  • the infrastructure that the facility needs to keep operating safely

The operator of a major hazard facility must prepare a prepare a useful, high-quality safety case. A safety case is a written presentation of technical, management and operational information about the hazards and risks that may lead to a major incident at a major hazard facility, and the control of those hazards and risks.

Safe Work Australia is a federal government agency that has prepared a guide for major hazard facilities in the preparation of a safety case to help and ensure the operator meets the requirements of the relevant Workplace Health and Safety Regulations in each State or Territory.


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