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Inspect and Test (FPAS)

Inspect and Test (FPAS)

Inspect and Test is a class of accreditation within the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme ("FPAS") operated by Fire Protection Association Australia. Inspect and test accredits companies (recognised business) and individuals who who undertake the routine servicing activities as described in Australian Standard AS 1851 — Routine servicing of fire protection systems and equipment in one or more of ten different categories. Individuals accredited under the Scheme must ultimately demonstrate competency to provide services for which they are accredited via an objective, formal assessment process.

FPAS Inspect and Test Categories

Given the diversity of skills and competency of individuals required of people who undertake inspect and test work in the fire protection industry, the FPAS Inspect and Test scheme provides for 10 categories of accreditation as follows;

Category Level
Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems R C
Fire Pumpsets R C
Fire Hydrant Systems R C
Fire Detection and Alarm Systems R C
Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems   C
Pre-engineered fire suppression systems (non-gaseous)   C
Portable fire equipment and fire hose reels   C
Fire and smoke doors   C
Fire seals and collars   C
Exit and emergency lighting   C



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