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Fire-Resistant Doorset

Fire-Resistant Doorset

A fire-resistant doorset is a comprehensive assembly designed to resist fire, consisting of several key components: the fire door leaf or leaves (including any glazing and inbuilt features), the doorframe with its attachments to the structure, any fixed panels with associated transoms or mullions, and all door hardware.

This assembly is tested in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1530.4 to ensure it meets specified levels of structural adequacy, integrity, and insulation during fire exposure.

The doorset may include various types of doors, such as hinged, pivoted, or sliding doors, and is equipped with a self-closing mechanism to automatically shut the door after each use, contributing to the containment and resistance to fire and smoke spread.

The design and installation of fire-resistant doorsets are governed by standards to ensure they perform effectively in maintaining the fire resistance of the area they protect.

The components of a fire door assembly typically include the following:

  • Door Leaf or Leaves:
    The actual door itself, which can be a single panel or multiple panels. It may also include features such as a vision panel comprising fire-rated glass.
  • Doorframe:
    The structure that surrounds and supports the door leaf or leaves, including its fixings to the wall. For sliding doors, this includes guides and their fixings.
  • Door Hardware:
    This encompasses all items related to the door's function and includes hinges, locks, latches, panic exit devices, door closers, handles, and any part of an automatic closing device attached to the doorset.
  • Fixed Panel and Associated Transom or Mullion:
    These are elements contained within the doorframe, contributing to the structural integrity and fire resistance of the doorset.
  • Self-Closing Device:
    A mechanism that ensures the door closes automatically after opening, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity of a fire barrier.
  • Seals and Gaskets:
    Special materials used around the door and frame to prevent the passage of smoke and fire.
  • Threshold or Sill:
    The bottom part of the door assembly, which can be critical in preventing the spread of fire and smoke.
  • Vision Panels (if applicable):
    Fire-rated glass panels that allow visibility through the door, while maintaining fire resistance.

Each of these components must meet specific fire resistance requirements and work together to ensure the door assembly functions as intended in a fire scenario.


In preparing this definition, we have drawn from various sources including Legislation, Codes, Standards and industry information, research and knowledge.  Like the english language, these definitions may subtly change from time to time. As such these definitions are provided solely on the basis that users will be responsible for making their own assessment of the definition and and are advised to verify all relevant representations, statements and information.