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Fire Door

A fire door is a component of a fire-resistant doorset, which is a complete assembly designed to resist fire, and is a type of passive fire resistance that complies with Australian Standard AS 1905.1 – Components for the protection of openings in fire-resistant walls, Part 1: Fire-resistant doorsets. The objective of a fire doorset is to maintain the fire resistance of the area they protect, which includes preventing the passage of fire and smoke and preserving the structural integrity of the building.

Fire doors can be hinged, pivoted, or sliding, and are equipped to close automatically (self-closing) to ensure the containment and resistance to fire spread.

A fire door assembly assembly includes the door leaf or leaves (with any glazing and inbuilt features), the doorframe and its fixings, any fixed panel and associated transom or mullion, and all door hardware.

The fire resistance of the doorset is determined by testing against Australian Standard AS 1530.4, which assesses its structural adequacy, integrity, and insulation over a specified time period. The doorset must perform these functions under standard fire exposure conditions.


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