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Drencher (Sprinkler) System

Drencher (Sprinkler) System

A drencher system also known as a wall wetting sprinkler system is a type of automatic fire sprinkler system that is designed and installed to provide protection to a building that is exposed to an external fire source feature such as an allotment boundary, or another building on the same allotment, or an egress path passing by an unprotected opening(s) in a building. The design of these systems are covered by Australian Standard AS 2118.2 — Automatic fire sprinkler systems, Part 2: Drencher systems.

There are two types of drencher system;

  • wet systems; and
    A wet (drencher) system is one where there is no risk of water freezing in the pipes and are permanently charged with water and incorporate an isolation valve (main stop valve), a check valve, system drain valve and remote test valve.
  • dry systems.
    A dry (drencher) system is one where there is a risk of water in the pipes freezing and must be fitted with a deluge valve or dry pipe alarm valve, an isolation valve (main stop valve), system drain valve and either;
    • sealed sprinklers and dry pipework, permanently charged with air or inert gas under pressure above the alarm valve (dry); or
    • open sprinklers and dry pipework controlled by a deluge valve that is automatically actuated by either, a listed heat-detection system installed to AS 1670 or a pilot sprinkler detection system installed in accordance with AS 2118:1.


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