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Block Plan

Block Plan
Fire Hydrant System Block Plan

A block plan is a type of document and form of baseline data set out in a number of Australian Standards such as AS 1670, AS 2118 and AS 2419 to provide information to first responders, building owners, managers and maintenance providers to communicate important aspects of the design, operation and location of fire safety measures, systems and equipment in buildings.  A block plan is typically A3 (297mm x 420mm) or greater in size so as to effectively communicate its contents and the fire safety features of a building.  A block shall be suitably protected so they remain legible and resist deterioration from ongoing handling and use.

Typical features of a block plan

While the specific requirements of a block plan might differ from the type of system (fire detection, emergency warning, fire sprinkler or fire hydrant system) each of these block plans are made to

  • a diagrammatic layout of the protected building or structure illustrating adjacent roads or streets;
  • be water resistant and fade resistant;
  • be of an adequate size, not less than 297mm x 420mm (A3), to effectively communicate the intent of the information contained in the drawing;
  • the year of original installation of the system and any subsequent alterations and/or additions;
  • the name of the installing contractor or contractor who has subsequently altered the system;
  • location of specific risks such as electrical switchboards, fuel or gas supplies and flammable goods storage areas;
  • the standard of performance to which the system was installed.

The location of storage for a block plan varies according to the type of system for which the block plan has been developed however it is generally accepted that at least one copy shall be available on site at the following locations;

  • at fire detection & alarm systems;
  • at each control valve assembly or manifold location;
  • at the booster assembly.

For buildings fitted with a fire control room or centre, a second copy should also be available at this location.


In preparing this definition, we have drawn from various sources including Legislation, Codes, Standards and industry information, research and knowledge.  Like the english language, these definitions may subtly change from time to time. As such these definitions are provided solely on the basis that users will be responsible for making their own assessment of the definition and and are advised to verify all relevant representations, statements and information.