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AS 2700

AS 2700 — Colour Standards for General Purposes is an  Australian Standard that defines 206 reference colours to assist with the specification and matching of colours used in industrial, architectural and decorative areas, with particular emphasis on paints and related materials.

206 Reference Colours of AS 2700

B11 Rich Blue
B12 Royal Blue
B13 Navy Blue
B14 Sapphire
B15 Mid Blue
B21 Ultramarine
B22 Homebush Blue
B23 Bright Blue
B24 Harbour Blue
B25 Aqua
B32 Powder Blue
B33 Mist Blue
B34 Paradise Blue
B35 Pale Blue
B41 Bluebell
B42 Purple Blue
B43 Grey Blue
B44 Light Grey Blue
B45 Sky Blue
B51 Periwinkle
B53 Dark Grey Blue
B55 Storm Blue
B61 Coral Sea
B62 Midnight Blue
B64 Charcoal
G11 Bottle Green
G12 Holly
G13 Emerald
G14 Moss Green
G15 Rainforest Green
G16 Traffic Green
G17 Mint Green
G21 Jade
G22 Serpentine
G23 Shamrock
G24 Fern Tree
G25 Olive
G26 Apple Green
G27 Homebush Green
G31 Verdigris
G32 Opaline
G33 Lettuce
G34 Avocado
G35 Lime Green
G36 Kikuyu
G37 Beanstalk
G41 Lawn Green
G42 Glacier
G43 Surf Green
G44 Palm Green
G45 Chartreuse
G46 Citronella
G47 Crystal Green
G51 Spruce
G52 Eucalyptus
G53 Banksia
G54 Mist Green
G55 Lichen
G56 Sage Green
G61 Dark Green
G62 Rivergum
G63 Deep Bronze Green
G64 Slate
G65 Ti-Tree
G66 Environment Green
G67 Zucchini
N11 Pearl Grey
N12 Pastel Grey
N14 White
N15 Homebush Grey
N22 Cloud Grey
N23 Neutral Grey
N24 Silver Grey
N25 Birch Grey
N32 Green Grey
N33 Lightbox Grey
N35 Light Grey
N41 Oyster
N42 Storm Grey
N43 Pipeline Grey
N44 Bridge Grey
N45 Koala Grey
N52 Mid Grey
N53 Blue Grey
N54 Basalt
N55 Lead Grey
N61 Black
N63 Pewter
N64 Dark Grey
N65 Graphite Grey
P11 Magenta
P12 Purple
P13 Violet
P14 Blueberry
P21 Sunset Pink
P22 Cyclamen
P23 Lilac
P24 Jackaranda
P31 Dusty Pink
P33 Ribbon Pink
P41 Erica Pink
P42 Mulberry
P43 Wisteria
P52 Plum
R11 International Orange
R12 Scarlet
R14 Waratah
R15 Crimson
R21 Tangerine
R22 Homebush Red
R23 Lollipop
R24 Strawberry
R25 Rose Pink
R32 Apple Blossom
R33 Ghost Gum
R34 Mushroom
R35 Deep Rose
R41 Shell Pink
R42 Salmon Pink
R43 Red Dust
R44 Possum
R45 Ruby
R51 Burnt Pink
R52 Terracotta
R53 Red Gum
R54 Raspberry
R55 Claret
R62 Venetian Red
R63 Red Oxide
R64 Deep Indian Red
R65 Maroon
T11 Tropical Blue
T12 Diamantia
T14 Malachite
T15 Turquoise
T22 Oriental Blue
T24 Blue Jade
T32 Huon Green
T33 Smoke Blue
T35 Green Ice
T44 Blue Gum
T45 Cootamundra
T51 Mountain Blue
T53 Peacock Blue
T63 Teal
X11 Butterscotch
X12 Pumpkin
X13 Marigold
X14 Mandarin
X15 Orange
X21 Pale Ochre
X22 Saffron
X23 Apricot
X24 Rockmelon
X31 Raffia
X32 Magnolia
X33 Warm White
X34 Driftwood
X41 Buff
X42 Biscuit
X43 Beige
X45 Cinnamon
X51 Tan
X52 Coffee
X53 Golden Tan
X54 Brown
X55 Nut Brown
X61 Wombat
X62 Dark Earth
X63 Ironbark
X64 Chocolate
X65 Dark Brown
Y11 Canary
Y12 Wattle
Y13 Vivid Yellow
Y14 Golden Yellow
Y15 Sunflower
Y16 Inca Gold
Y21 Primrose
Y22 Custard
Y23 Buttercup
Y24 Straw
Y25 Deep Cream
Y26 Homebush Gold
Y31 Lily Green
Y32 Flummery
Y33 Pale Primrose
Y34 Cream
Y35 Off White
Y41 Olive Yellow
Y42 Mustard
Y43 Parchment
Y44 Sand
Y45 Manilla
Y51 Bronze Olive
Y52 Chamois
Y53 Sandstone
Y54 Oatmeal
Y55 Deep Stone
Y56 Merino
Y61 Black Olive
Y62 Sugar Cane
Y63 Khaki
Y65 Mushroom
Y66 Mudstone


In preparing this definition, we have drawn from various sources including Legislation, Codes, Standards and industry information, research and knowledge.  Like the english language, these definitions may subtly change from time to time. As such these definitions are provided solely on the basis that users will be responsible for making their own assessment of the definition and and are advised to verify all relevant representations, statements and information.