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Electrician - Emergency Lights & Exit Signs

We are seeking a licensed electrician or 4th year apprentice who is good with people and loves tinkering with electronics. No experience necessary within the fire industry.

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Consistently busy, Firewize Services has been established for almost 20 years, with a stable customer base that includes commercial buildings, healthcare, nursing homes, retail and industrial properties.  We have been careful in the work we undertake, seeking consistency over big jobs that come and go.

Our clients look to us for a safe and complete resolution of their requirements including the routine servicing, repair, alteration or addition to existing emergency lights and exit light systems.  This is achieved while bringing a sense of certainty and professionalism that the work we perform is delivered competently with a high attention to detail.

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Job Details

You will be responsible for carrying out on site the inspection, testing, maintenance, repair, alteration or addition to exit signs and emergency light systems within the buildings for our high profile customers.

Skills & Experience

You will be responsible for your own jobs from start to finish and be able to complete a job hazard analysis and be able to prepare a safe work method statement to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you before you start and during the work day.

  • Licensed Electrician (ESV)
  • Registered Cabler (ACMA)
  • Fluent knowledge of low voltage DC circuitry
  • Strong writing skills and ability to communicate ideas clearly.
  • Proven customer management and organisation skills.

Personal attributes

  • Job safety will be a driving principle for you and those around you
  • Have an innovative attitude to problem solving
  • Be able to work with minimum supervision
  • Have an eye for detail
  • Be meticulous and accurate
  • Experience

The typical duties and responsibilities of this role include the following;

  1. conduct a Job Hazard Analysis ("JHA") and if required prepare a Safe Work Method Statement ("SWMS") for high risk construction activities;
  2. use your knowledge and experience to undertake the repair, alteration, addition or installation of emergency lights and exit signs in buildings.
  3. conduct an inspection and prepare a report of the emergency lights and exit signs in a building to identify any defects or condition that could adversely affect its operation;
  4. conduct the routine service and maintenance of the emergency lights and exit signs in a building and interpret the latent conditions to ensure the system is working and will continue to work in accordance with the approved design.
  5. prepare a Certificate of Electrical Safety ("COES")
Work Location

Our office is based in Notting Hill however there will be some travel around the Melbourne metropolitan area or within the state of Victoria meeting with our customers and other technicians on site to undertake your duties competently and safely.

Pay & Benefits

The successful applicant will be offered a competitive rate of remuneration with the opportunity for full time employment. We will will provide you a career opportunity that sets us apart as an employer of choice.

Application Process

If you think you understand the parameters for this opportunity and you have what it takes, then hit the Apply Now button on the top of this page. When you apply we will send you more information including an outline and timeframe and shortlisting process. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. We look forward to hearing from you!

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